Cant flash 6.37ME over 5.50Prome-4

Discussion in 'PSP-2000' started by NoBodysGamer, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. NoBodysGamer

    NoBodysGamer New Member

    maybe you can help me, when i try to flash 6.37ME over my 5.55Prome-4 i get an error that i already have a higher firmware 9.90 installed and the installer stops.

    How can i bypass this error screen and continue?

  2. Hawke101

    Hawke101 Member

    If I were you, I'd just use Hellcats Recovery Flasher 1.65 to flash 6.20 OFW (using included firmware pack), install 6.20 TN-D then upgrade to 6.37-ME.

    But if you are into adventure and not afraid to BRICK your PSP, read on:
    Power ON your PSP, press select to open the VSH menu.
    Scroll down and change USB DEVICE from Memory Stick to flash0.
    Connect your PSP via USB to your computer.
    Navigate inside the directory VSH -> ETC -> version.txt and find the file version.txt.
    Right click it, select "Properties" and (if enabled) uncheck the "Read Only" attribute box and click "OK"
    Warning: do NOT delete or edit any other files in flash0 or you may brick your PSP and only a pandora battery and MMS will unbrick)

    Open/Load the version.txt file using Notepad (or your favorite text editor).
    Delete everything then copy paste the following:
    EDIT: That smily up there should be ": p" minus the space in between.

    Save and exit Notepad.
    Disconnect your PSP from your computer.
    Run the 6.37-ME upgrader, should work this time.
  3. NoBodysGamer

    NoBodysGamer New Member

    Thanks for help mate..
    Do you think this firmware is good enough? and worth updating from 5.55Prome-4
  4. Hawke101

    Hawke101 Member

    If you want PSN store access, play online, I guess it would be worth it, as 5.50 users are now unable to access PSN.

    Other than that, I would personally suggest you stay at 5.50. But hey, that's just me, I've heard some (just lately) on these forums have made the journey to it and are now happy campers.

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