help me please!! need help installing cwcheats for psp 2000 6.60 pro b10

Discussion in 'PSP-2000' started by 34bombboi47, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. 34bombboi47

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    been trying to install cwcheat on my psp 2000 6.60 pro b-10 for sometime now.i look in to many post but still dont quite understand, downloaded a cheat.db n cwcheat_23_620hen(cwcheat version 0.2.3). extracted cwcheat.prx to seplugin folder n added the game.txt, pops.txt as well. plugin enabled but when im in a game i holded the select n nothing pop out. anyone please tell me what im dooing wrong!! thxx
  2. Gusha

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    As stated above in your OTHER thread on this matter - the .prx file does not go in seplugins!
    The CWCheat FOLDER containing the .prx files go into seplugins


    ms0:/seplugins/cwcheat/cwcheat.prx as well as cwcheatpops.prx and other files...

  3. bombbay47

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    thx for for the repodt it really helped anw im the same person as the that open is thread.
    know any cheat.db ? that i can download ?

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