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  1. Dusky

    Dusky Member

    I've never seen one here, so I thought I'd make one.:p

    PS3 Soft Mod Guide

    Part 1:Getting 3.55 firmware.
    Download This:

    Update to 3.55. If you're on lower firmwares, then download the update and install, if your already on it, then skip this part. But make sure you download 3.55 OFW because you still need it

    Part 2:patch 3.55 firmware.

    I'm going to use Kmeaw's CFW for this part as I think it's the most useful.

    Download the patching files: zSHARE - PS3Kmeaw.rar - Free File Hosting Service | Audio and Video Sharing | Image Uploading | Web storage

    Extract flies to desktop or a new folder and copy the 3.55 OFW inside the folder.

    Open command prompt and type in "cmd"

    Then when the cmd comes up then type "cd C:UsersAdminDirectory to kmeaw_cfw_lv2 folder" and press Enter.

    Then once that is done type in "bspatch PS3UPDAT.PUP PS3CFW.PUP patchfile" and let it patch the file. When done you should see "PS3CFW.PUP" in the folder, rename it to what a OFW would look like. "PS3UPDATE.PUP"

    Part 3: Making sure you did everything right.

    To make sure the firmware is made right, you need to check the MD5. If done correctly, it should come out as this.


    Part 4: Installing the CFW.

    Put the CFW on a usb stick "/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP" and plug it into the PS3. You can try installing it right from the XMB, but if it doesn't work go into recovery and install it.

    There are precompiled ones on the internet, but you want to make sure you don't get it from a bad source as that will brick your PS3. If you do how ever get one precompiled, ALWAYS make sure the MD5 is right.

    Other CFW's you can use:
    Naima CFW
    PS3ita CFW
    Waninkoko CFW V2.
    If there are any other's please let me know.

    PSN Access:
    Right now all methods are useless since 3.60 added some new things, so until a new method is found, no psn.

    How To Install Homebrew:
    When you download homebrew it will come in a .pkg format. To install it, place it on the root of your usb stick and plug it in. Go to game on the PS3 and go to "Install Package Files" and install your homebrew.

    Useful Homebrew Apps:
    PS3 Messenger
    blacbOx FTP Server
    Comgenie File Manager
    Showtime PS3 Homebrew Home Theater System
    Package Manager
    3.60 Spoof
    If anyone has any more useful ones please tell me.

    Backup Managers:
    Gaia Manager
    Rogero Manager
    Open Manager

    SNES 4.4.1
    FBA Next
    Genesis+ GX
    VBA Emulator
    Yabause (Sega Saturn Emulator)

    And there you go! If I did anything wrong or if this guide is crap, please tell me.
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  2. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Administrator Staff Member

    our first ps3 hacking tut *tear* great job! hopefully this will encourage others to become active in our ps3 hacks section :)
  3. Dusky

    Dusky Member

    Thanks! I'm going to add more to it when I can. I want to help out the ps3 section of this site. I even pmed PSPFan about the Newsperson thread he made.

    Is there anything I could improve on? I've never really wrote a guide before.
  4. ultimakillz

    ultimakillz Administrator Staff Member

    hm.... maybe info about the other cfws? you might also want to add stuff about how to run homebrew apps and games, stuff like that. keep up the good work! if i talk to PSPFan before you do ill mention that you're interested in the news posting position ;)

    btw i added a mirror for ofw 3.55 if you would like to add it to your tut:
  5. Dusky

    Dusky Member

    I did a big update of the guide, tell me what ya think
  6. sessilu

    sessilu Member

    Yeah, talking about which is the most appropriate CFW at the moment would be best :)
  7. Dusky

    Dusky Member

    Well, I think Kmeaw's is the best so far. It does everything it needs to do. The other's are just addons for psn expect waninkoko's, and psn is gone at the moment.
  8. jimson

    jimson Member

    I used your Tut, Dusky!
    Thank you :)
  9. Dusky

    Dusky Member


    Also, ultimakillz, has pspfan said anything?
  10. Novaprime

    Novaprime New Member

    I don't have the install package file on my PS3. Do you know how I can add it?
  11. Dusky

    Dusky Member

    If u installed the CFW, it should show up in where you start your ps3 games.
  12. qwerty123

    qwerty123 Elite Member

    #awesome Guide !!!
  13. mozilla01

    mozilla01 New Member

    hi dusky and other ini here
    im have PS3 and i just upgrade Firmware from my wifi to 3.61 <<(my BAD :( )
    now i wanna downgrade to firmware 3.55 can i do, just like ur way dusky. im scary i got blank screen :confused:
    can some help me for tutor pleasee

  14. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member

    You cannot! NO firmware above 3.55 is currently hacked - but hang about for developments
  15. JohnDoVaS12345

    JohnDoVaS12345 Member

    If i hack my PS3 with this i will be able to backup my DVD games as PSP and play them via Hard Drive????
  16. orangeworx

    orangeworx New Member

    n00b alert

    I'm a n00b when it comes to this stuff since I've only had the ps3 a couple days ago... it's a 3.55 FW at this moment so this can work out. I dunno what to expect at the end of the process because it's my first time doing and I'm tryin to understand what this does exactly to the ps... By that, I mean what is patched, changed, removed, added and what I'd want to know is would this method allow for copy discs. Topics is pretty old and I'm not really expecting a reply but I don't mind trying :) I'm not tryin to leech info really, it's just that i looked around and didn't find much useful info (aside that my internet connection sucks, i've been tryin to download kmeaw since i picked up this ps3) I don't mind reading the info elsewhere if anyone got links, since it's a keeper i'd prefer being a little more educated on the subject matter.

    thanks for taking the time.
  17. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member

    What do you mean copy discs? You back up you own discs to your external hard drive!
    The links are ALL in the tut - and whats not there - HERE
  18. orangeworx

    orangeworx New Member

    Thanks for replying. As i had stated I'm relatively new to this stuff and I'm trying to learn as much as I can. yes by copy discs I meant the dvdr/bdr. can these be run on the modded ps? also you mention the backup on external drive, this leads me to another set of questions... would this work after modding or does it require some user set up or a homebrew app install, etc? also, can the PS's hard drive be changed to a bigger one and have the backups on that instead?
    Thx again Gusha
  19. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member

    Why would you want to run copies of your BRD's on the PS3? Just use the originals!
    You CAN backup your BRD's to an external HDD and play them using a Backup Manager.
    Yes the PS3 has ALWAYS (hacked or not) allowed you to swap out the original drive for a bigger one - no hacking/jailbreaking required!
  20. orangeworx

    orangeworx New Member

    Again thanks for responding. The reason for me wanting to run copies is the availability of originals. I live in the middle east atm and i'm having a very hard time finding original games, in fact every store i walk into asking for originals gives me this as a response: "your ps3 is not modded!" with a disdain/disgust look on the clerks' faces... it's like i did something to their mothers!!! And if i find originals, they're normally priced between 80 and 110 USD which is way above my pay grade. Anyhow the idea is that i'm thinking of swapping out the HD to a 500Gb and putting the backups on that to run directly on the ps3 without the use of external drives...
    thanks for taking the time to read this and any input is greatly appreciated

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