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Discussion in 'PSP-1000' started by Akrilove, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Akrilove

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    First off, Hello all! Im running a psp 1000 with CFW 6.60 ME-1.8 and see, I updated it from CFW 5.50 and while being aware that my old theme would no longer work, I was NOT aware how hard it would be to convert my favorite theme to work on it. Ive tried at it for a good week now and i just can't wrap my head around it...

    Firstly, I did try using the tutorial found here first before posting, that's where Im having the issue. Im not sure what ive been doing wrong there though so I came and made this thread to avoid necroposting. I followed the steps on page one and two of that above thread and when I try using the theme created in this way, it just causes the psp to boot to a white screen (though it does use the correct coldboot, but not the correct sound) and then shut itself off or sometimes booting to a white screen and working, but with a messed up XMB. Ive tried messing with the files themselves and whatnot, because I think the issue stems from them because when I do the scramble step from 6.39 files to 6.60 a couple of them say there not matches. (I don't know how to fix that though.)

    Heres a list of things I have tried to change the result soo far:
    Running CFtool as an admin
    NOT running CFtool as an admin
    Converting the theme from 5.50 to 6.39 first
    Converting from 5.50 to 6.20 then to 6.39 (I saw in one forum it was said to have helped)
    First tried only adding the 6.60 prx files that had names that matched the ones i nthe theme for the scramble
    Tried adding all of the standard .prx files before the scramble, in case it helped. (actually made it worse every time)
    Trying the conversion from the .ctf file on my psp already I know worked before
    Finding and re-downloading the original 5.50 .ctf again, just in case

    Ive tried all of these multiple times, in different combos trying to find that perfect fit just in case my previous failures were from one bad convert or another but nothing has really helped...

    Oh, and if it matters, heres the page where you can find the original download to the 5.50 theme and how it looks.

    So... Can anyone help? Ill attach a link to a link to a download of a .rar containing the original 5.50 version of the theme, along with a 6.39 version I converted from CTFtool.

    Pweese and Fank Yew!
  2. Gusha

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    From my experience there are certain themes that just dont work when updated from the old firmwares 5.00 and 5.50 to the 6.xx firmwares...
    There were quite a few xmb changes in the 5.50>6.60 ofw's so converted themes 'can' be buggy...
    It may be that you will need to reconstruct the entire theme from scratch... that would be my approach
    See if this thread helps at all -
  3. Akrilove

    Akrilove New Member

    Well other than the tutorial and files being seemingly for the 5.xx themes still, and the programs linked there are from the now dead megaupload, seems like i can just put in a little extra work and get it going (hopefully). Ill post back if I can get anything out of it!
  4. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member


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