Psp slim 2001 wont turn on

Discussion in 'PSP-2000' started by Quickedge, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    Hi, im a new member. I apologize if there is another post like this, but i could not find a similar thread to my situation.
    so basically I bought a used psp-2001 slim god of war (was really cheap)
    and the psp will not turn on.
    symptoms are:
    - when i put the battery on the psp the green power light comes on but really faint light. and the psp will not turn on.
    - when i put the psp on hold while the battery is in, the power light comes on and has a strong green light. but the psp still does not turn on.

    I am wondering if the psp slim is bricked or the psp has some hardware problems. i am hoping it is bricked because I've heard that, that is an easier fix. Any suggestion on what I should do, or solutions to my psp are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance to anybody who responds or takes the time to read my thread.
  2. toby1978

    toby1978 Member

    If you think it is bricked, purchase a Pandora Battery and you will find out when you put it in.
  3. teriyakiboy23

    teriyakiboy23 New Member

    could possibly be a semibrick. do you know what happened that made the psp that way? was the psp hacked before all this happened? worse case scenario is that you psp has a nonhackable mobo and you have a permanent brick.
  4. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member

    As stated a GOW - known to be hackable...

    WITH MMS of course!

    Partially answered:

    Its most likely bricked but it could be many things!
    Try booting the PSP with the AC charger inserted and holding the R trigger - Does this bring up a menu?
    If it does there was/is CFW installed and you have a brick that can be recoverd probably with Pandora and MMS - unless you have a card reader on your PC/Notebook...
    It is most likely a fully hackable PSP due to its model so even if it was bricked without installing CFW a Pandora and MMS should allow you to re/hack it!
  5. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    Firstly, Thank you so much for the all replies.

    Secondly, I did try booting the psp with the AC charger inserted (without the battery) while holding the R trigger, and the psp does not boot.

    Lastly, so basically these problems are signs of a bricked psp? (im worried that it could be something else) is there anyway to find out?
    I forgot to say that the psp will not charge, and does not show the orange light.
    i have tried exchanging the battery with a working charged battery, and a working charger, the psp still will not turn on.

    In regards, to the firmware of psp, i do not know what the firmware is.. because i have not been able to turn it on since i bought it. (kinda stupid decision, but it was cheap enough, i was already there, figured it was fixable and the cost of the fix will justify the price i bought it, and it could'nt be worse than trying to weld a new backlight lcd connector cable on an old dusty psp phat... >.> )

    Most likely, i probably will get a Pandora battery and a MMS (as most of you has suggested) I just want to make sure before I spend some cash and time learning how to use it. But if its the only way to tell if its bricked or its something else then yeah, probably will get one.
    oh and is a magic memory stick just a normal 1gb/2gb memory stick duo?

    again, Thank you all for replies

    p.s. sorry if this post is too long
  6. teriyakiboy23

    teriyakiboy23 New Member

    yes but with alot of files on there to restore your psp. heres a tutorial on how to make one(quickest one i could find): also you if you wanna be really cheap, you dont need to buy a pandora because you have a psp slim battery. you can revert psp slim batteries back to normal with just pencil lead.
  7. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member


    Thanks a bunch for finding this guide for me. I'm going to try to make an MMS as soon as possible. probably going to buy a pandora battery.. found one for 7 bucks.. (.. i suck at hardware stuff.. i broke my old psp's lcd backlight connector cable.... when i was trying to change the full housing shell...>.>)

    Ill update what happens after i try using the pandora battery. maybe some other people might find this thread useful.

    Thanks again Teriyakiboy23, Toby1978, and Gusha
  8. mattyyey

    mattyyey Elite Member

    did you say it shows a faint light when battery is in but not turned on as well? these are symptoms of a damaged powerboard, I've had to replace mine once b4. they are cheap to buy and even easier to replace (not many fiddly ribbons :D)

    but first do try a pandora and MMS (check its magicgate and IPL did inject correctly)
  9. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    yes! when i put in the battery it shows a faint green light, even when not turned on.. in fact it does not turn on.
    and when i put in a charger the green light briefly gets stronger. (maybe a second).
    When no battery is inserted and charger is in. the green light is strong, and stays.
    I checked the battery on my wife's psp and it has 50%charge when it had practically 0% charge before, so the psp even though it doesn't turn on, i think it still charges the battery.

    did you mean the power switch board by the way? I may try this first, since what you described sounds exactly what i have. is there any good guides out there? I have only found out how to replace this part on psp phats. and how to fully diassambled a psp slim. i would rather avoid dissassembling the whole psp. (really worried i might take out a connector on the screen)

    quick question on creating an MMS. is there any possibily by using the rains ultralight program it could brick a psp? ..>.> .. my wife will kill me if she finds out im planning on using her psp to make one.

    p.s. your post made my morning sir.
  10. Gusha

    Gusha Moderator & Class Clown Staff Member

    You would only be using the PSP to transfer the files to the MS - no brick problems there!
  11. mattyyey

    mattyyey Elite Member

    please try a pandora and MMS FIRST! :rolleyes: make sure the IPL was injected and the MS is magic gate, then try it. and yes making the MMS is completely safe as gusha said on any psp. I hope you have a pandora already... The reason i say this is it is possible that the idstorage got corrupted and is screwing with your power distribution.... which has also happened to me (but you can just wipe/fix/repair them in pandora menu) also a more likely cause (not trying to be mean) is the powerboard/idstorage works fine the light just isn't fully visible in the light, and your firmware is screwed...

    now when i had my damaged "power switch board" a normal battery, did as stated (feint and no charge light) but with the pandora it showed a solid green light. This could however be different if the power board is broken in a different manner. anyway the pandora and MMS WOULDN'T boot my psp! :eek: i was worried at that point ;)

    As for the removal of the power board, ITS SO F*ING SIMPLE! you do not need to do anything other that move your screen (i mean no need to disconnect anything else)

    The PSP Ultimate Repair Guide v.1 - Tools & Utilities (on PC) - PSP - QuickJump Downloads

    ^^ is a download-able program for the PC, with step by step pictures on what you have to remove for a full dis-assembly (iirc it has sections to just replace parts too) so look at that... youtube videos are also an other good alternative, but sometimes lack the quality required to see everything.

    you should be able to get the parts off ebay for under £5 and you will also need a size 0 and size 1 screwdriver. (and a small thin bit of plastic to fully dismantle it.)

    good luck :cool:
  12. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    How dare you..... not trying to be mean he says........ .-.- im kidding im kidding.

    well ill be ordering a pandora battery and a replacement powerboard on dealextreme by the end of this day. (replacement powerboard was $2.78 us. and pandora was 6) i figred id get them both.

    ill definitely try the pandora battery and mms first (also creating mms after i submit this post, im going to use an 8gb SanDisk.. and it does say magic gate on the bottom right of the Memory stick so hopefully i got that right)
    and if that doesn't work ill try changing the powerboard.

    so you said I dont have to disconnect the screen? just move it out the way right? (i have never really soldered anything.. luckily i have an older brother who has a soldering iron some experience on how to use it so ill have him do it)

    um.. i downloaded the guide but for some reason its asking for password when trying to extract and i cant find the password...>.>

    oh and the reason why i was leaning on the power board switch is because when i put the psp on hold the green light stays on (not sure if that matters or not) and the previous owner mentioned that his dog chewed the charger... i was thinking maybe it chewed the psp a little bit also because when i got it, it smelled like bad dog breath. psp looks great though.

    Thanks again guys!! if i ever see guys down the street im buying you guys a drink. if you dont drink..... mcdonalds... ... ..

    p.s. sorry for the long posts
  13. mattyyey

    mattyyey Elite Member

    check out the guide, the psp isn't that bad to disassemble... :cool: you'll see...
    the password is his website, its a great guide but the link doesn't even work anymore.
    lol funny! :D but anyways... it being brighter when its on hold could just be it slightly mis aligned (first attempt to fix mine :rolleyes:) but if its had some jolts it might (hopefully) just need re seating.
    happens to me all the time, i mean to pop on for 2 second, just like now in fact, but have spent a min or so typing this out... :eek: nvm it happens :cool:
  14. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    well just bought pandora battery unbricker (bought the white one the can change to attracted by the lights) and powerboard
    should get in in 2-4 days
    password worked, the guide is great, thanks for getting me this again.

    this may be a stupid question. but i just gotta ask, this guide can be used with the psp slim right? same procedure and such. or at least similar... nevermind i just clicked on psp slim full dissassembly.. but obviously the power switch replacement guide can be used for the psp slim right?

    im actually really worried about removing the screen and opening up the clamps.. like i said before, i was doing a dissambely on the psp phat (to change the housing shell). and i got up to the part of opening up the ribbon clamps and I ended up tearing the whole thing off... . clamps wouldn't open easily.. it didnt open until it tore off... end havent touched it since..

    But! hopefully i will not need to do any of this. and the pandora will fix it!

    Thanks again mattyyey :D

    probably should ask this later but ill ask now. do you have any tips on opening up the clamps? im really afraid on tearing off the whole thing.
  15. mattyyey

    mattyyey Elite Member

    1) use a small thin plastic part (like a corner of a credit card but a credit card is too thick.) metal on plastic usually snaps em.

    2) NEVER FORCE OR TWIST! :D If its going to come off it'll be easy (ish).

    3) make sure you are doing it in the right direction... :rolleyes: that got me the first time, i broke my backlight cable holder and had to glue it in.

    4)LOTS OF LIGHTS, TIME, and a STEADY HAND. :eek:

    5)wiggle the ribbon abit, gently, it helps
    EDIT: just use the slim full dis-assembly to figure out how to replace powerboard, it is different to the phat.
  16. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    yes! thank you!
    going to read these guides and tips until the parts come in or until i have to replace it. I just dooped myself.. boi that sounds wrong.
    i meant i read in deal extreme they ship 2-4 days. but their procedure of ordering what im buying takes 10 days.. >.> i think.

    ok one last question! then i shall wait patiently for the parts and will stop bothering :)
    you can glue in parts that break off? i broke the the wide one (on my psp phat) and tried to glue it in... maybe i used some crappy glue..

    anyway thanks again!

    p.s. is it ok to copy your post and paste it on Microsoft word?
  17. mattyyey

    mattyyey Elite Member

    yes you can! but it harder than removing it properly (even if it takes longer) NO not get glue BETWEEN the contacts, they must be fully touching! you'll end up scraping it off :rolleyes: you can almost (esp for screen) test it before glueing. you just hold it in the position you think it should be (with out having your finger over the contacts) and turn it on...:cool: but be careful! then apply the glue with tweezers (or similar metal object) using a droplet at a time... time consuming but it works! [edit:forgot to say it must be turned off while glueing :p ] then leaving it open, put under a hot lamp till dry (but dont melt your psp ;))

    you can BUT my word is not like gods :eek: :rolleyes: :D
    I do get stuff wrong :eek:, I just proved it in another thread by posting a bad link. :eek::(:mad::eek::p
    This is just a compilation of what Ive done/has happened to my psp.
  18. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member


    I will have to try this after i fix whatever the problem with psp slim has. Although for some odd reason i remember my brother telling me i used too much glue.. wait now i remember.. when i broke off the ribbon clamp. the thing snapped and i couldn't "clamp" the ribbon anymore... dont ask how. im just gonna blame it on the guy i bought it from.. :p

    haha *bow down* (wasn't there a smiley for that...)
    anyway whatever you did with your psp is benefiting me alot! :D

    so, thank you again!
  19. M33only

    M33only New Member

    using glue on it was a bad idea
    the PSP prob is that the ribbon dose not have a good connection to the Mobo so get a strip of tape and a tissue put the ribbon back in it's spot and it put the tissue on top of the ribbon and put some presser on then tap it down make sure the
    tissue sticks up a bit then put you screen back on then you face plat don't screw it in yet tho make sure it turns on first

    If you got glue in the clamp your going to need to get it out it WILL CAUSE YOUR PSP to have probs with the CROSS,CIRCLE,TRIANGLE,SQUARE,POWER SWITCH and the HOLD SWITCH trust me i fried my first psp that way DON'T USE GLUE
  20. Quickedge

    Quickedge New Member

    I just wanted to update this thread, so other peopel who might have similar problems will know if the suggestions worked or not. Well, after 3 weeks of waiting for the pandora. tried the pandora batter and mms. and it WORKED!

    @m33Only thanks for the info :) and is it ok to copy your post? ill definitely try to do that when i get a chance, but right now.. kinda still excited about the psp.

    THanks again to Gusha, Mattyey

    ugh.. just found a small problem.
    when i take out the pandora battery, i can't turn it on using a normal battery...
    but turns on with pandora batter (in service mode),
    I just switch the pandora back to normal and its fine..
    but meh, small price to pay for a an otherwise perfectly working psp. :)

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